Raw Materials

Our main Raw material is Bromine, which is easily available from the market. We have own Bromine Plant with the capacity to Produce 1500 Kg/ Day.

However, for the emergency we maintain stock of Sodium Bromide for at least Six Months.

More ever, We have a Contract with leading Manufacturer to lift 100 MT / Month of Potassium Bromide.

As mentioned earlier we have our own in house Distillation Plant which enables us to obtain Bromine as good as fresh from the above.

Also adequate Storage Facility for Raw Material & Finished Products is available at Site.


We have stand by Boiler & also Diesel Generator Set which enables our Production to go on in case of Electricity Failure.


The Group is financially sound enough. There is no liability from any Financial Institution. If need be We can still Invest at Plant or Laboratory Level.


Skilled, Semi Skilled And Unskilled Staff is Easily Available.

Thus, all the necessary resources are well within the control of the company which help us to grow bigger and bigger year after year.